North Carolina Hunt Club:   Halifax County &  Johnston  County North Carolina

About Us

The Quack and Quail Hunting Club is a well-established hunting club setup for avid waterfowl and upland game bird hunters.  The club is family-friendly and focused on fostering good sportsmanship and respect for nature.  Social interaction among club members is strongly encouraged, and hopefully all will have the opportunity to harvest a variety of waterfowl and upland game birds.  The club has been in existence for over 10 years and is well known among local property owners, with a great reputation for care of each property. The club hosts youth hunts for deer, duck and turkey and also works with the Franklin County 4H Shooting team.

Quack and Quail is part of Greg Quiel Hunt Clubs, LLC.  Greg is the founding member of Quack and Quail in addition to the Big Rack Trophy Hunt Club in North Carolina.  Greg is part of the Field Staff for "Rig Em' Right", which is a big supporter of the Freedom Alliance organization, for which Greg is also a volunteer.  

Membership Highlights:

Private Access to Our Land

Each member will enjoy year-round access to seven properties located in Johnston, Franklin and Halifax Counties.

Family Membership

Your annual membership covers you, your spouse, and your children under the age of 18.  We are a family-oriented hunt club and encourage your family to participate in hunting and club events.  We also do youth hunts for deer, duck & turkey.

Club Events

Quack & Quail hosts multiple member and youth hunt events throughout the year.  We typically host group dove hunts, skeet shooting events and also a hunt for wounded service men and women in collaboration with the Freedom Alliance program.

Hunt Scheduling

Members can reserve spots to hunt all six of our properties using an online hunt scheduling system designed to ensure fair and safe access to all of our properties.

Conservation Opportunities

Club members get to do their part to improve the quality and sustainability of the lands we hunt.  This includes club work days and special projects to establish blinds, food plots, post property borders and install wood duck boxes.

Club Rules Overview:

  • All members abide by state and federal law
  • Respect for club members and club-leased property owners is crucially important
  • Waterfowl hunting properties are managed based on their size and allowable pressure.  Specific days and hunting times are established for each property and must be adhered to.
  • All members must schedule their hunts in advance to ensure a fair rotation of access to each club property.
  • All members must report their sightings and harvests to the club administrators
  • ​All member are required to attend 3-5 scheduled work days.
  • Club members may bring their entire families to hunt.  Guest access is allowed up to twice per year