North Carolina Hunt Club:   Halifax County &  Johnston  County North Carolina

Annual Club Dove Hunt

by Dave Nesselrode, September 5, 2015

Greg Quiel Hunting Clubs, LLC hosted an annual dove shoot for members of the Big Rack Trophy Deer Hunting Club and the Quack & Quail hunting club on Saturday, September 5, 2015 .  Club members, friends and family gathered around picturesque dove field located in Sanford County, NC for an all-day dove shoot and barbeque.  The club leased a new 25 acre property this year for the first two Saturdays of the season, featuring 8 acres of sunflower and approximately 10 acres of corn, backed up by large stands of pine trees.  

Hunters gathered on the property around 5:45 AM for a quick safety briefing  and then took off in ATVs and on foot to set up among the sunflower and cut corn.  The dove trickled in slowly at first across the fields around 6:30 AM.  By 7:30 AM, dove seemed to pour out of the surrounding tree lines from every corner of the field in singles and small coveys.  After several hours of non-stop action, the club members headed back to the parking area for a barbeque.  

Many of the club members returned to the fields after lunch for the afternoon shoot and were rewarded for their efforts.  The dove flew all afternoon in larger groups towards the sunflower fields until a thunderstorm turned everyone back to their trucks for the remainder of the day.