North Carolina Hunt Club:   Halifax County &  Johnston  County North Carolina

​​Quack and Quail Duck Hunting Club
Rules & Regulations
2017 / 2018 Season

Main Objectives of the Quack and Quail Club:

  1. .Foster good sportsmanship among club members.
  2.  Encourage social interaction among members.
  3.  Provide club members the opportunity to harvest waterfowl. 

In order to achieve our objectives, the club rules and procedures are explained in detail below.  These rules are provided to help develop and maintain the properties as exceptional places to hunt waterfowl, fish, view wildlife, and form lasting friendships with fellow club members.  Since the club has been established, we will have no tolerance for violation of State or Federal Game Laws, and just as importantly, for violations of the club rules and procedures set forth below.  Each member’s understanding and acceptance of the rules will make every hunting season a safe, enjoyable, and productive one for all.  Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the loss of club membership, annually and possibly permanently, with no monies being refunded 

Rules, Regulations and Guidelines: 

  1. First, and foremost, respect.  Respect for fellow members, respect for landowners, respect for the land itself, and respect for the game pursued.
  2. All members must abide by all applicable Federal and State Game Laws at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. All attempts should be made to avoid damaging the farmer’s crops, timber, gates, roads, right-of-ways, and other personal property.  Members found to be deliberately damaging property of any kind will be removed from the club; dues will not be refunded and the member will be financially responsible for any and all damages to the property.  Furthermore, if any of the member’s actions result in loss of the lease and/or hunting and access rights, the member will be financially responsible for reimbursing Greg Quiel for any money lost.
  4. Members should only use pre-established roads and paths to traverse the properties; do not drive across any field or waterway with a vehicle or ATV. Also use caution when driving on paths after any rain or snow. You may have to park and walk if the paths are too wet.
  5. All members are required to carry signed permission slips with them at all times.  Individuals on the properties who cannot produce a valid membership card will be considered trespassers and will be treated as such.  Members are requested to record the vehicle make, model, and license plate number of anyone suspected of trespassing on club property.  Promptly report the information to the club manager and/or local authorities.
  6. NO LITTERING.  Do not leave trash in the field, in or around any hunting location, or on the grounds of the clubhouse.
  7. Waterfowl hunting on the properties deemed for such will be conducted as specified herein.  Waterfowl hunting properties are managed based on their size and the allowable pressure these properties can handle.  The days/times listed below apply to all open waterfowl seasons unless modified by an exception listed herein.  
  8. Waterfowl hunting on all properties will be from the start of legal shooting time until 1:00pm on the days indicated below in which the season for waterfowl is open:
  • TLC Tract (Johnston County):  Wednesday and Saturday
  • Massey Farm:  Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Bellamy Lake (Whitaker Tract):  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Ward Tract (Next to Bellamy):  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Vincent Farm (Clubhouse  – Swamp):  Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
  • Scotland Neck (Winslow Tract):  Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • EXCEPTION:  Hunting hours for the properties listed above will be extended such that hunting times will be from the start of legal shooting until the end of legal shooting in the month of January ONLY.
  • EXCEPTION:  During the early waterfowl season in October as set forth by State and Federal Regulations, all properties are open for waterfowl hunting from the start of legal shooting time until 1:00pm on opening day and the following Saturday ONLY.
  • EXCEPTIONS:  ALL properties will be open for waterfowl hunting from the start of legal shooting time until 1:00pm on November 25th, December 23rd, December 26th, January 2nd, and January 16th.
  • EXCEPTION:  During the extended goose season in February as set forth by State and Federal Regulations, all properties are open for waterfowl hunting from the start of legal shooting time until the end of legal shooting time everyday in which the season is open beyond the end of the regular duck season.

9. Rotation of club members hunting club properties is as set forth herein. This rule negates a member or a group of members from blocking out a certain property for a set period of time exceeding one day.  This will allow all members the opportunity to experience all the properties within the Quack and Quail Duck Hunting Club.

10. All members must post/schedule all hunts on the club website.  The post must include the names of all club members and guests who will be hunting on the date listed, along with the general location in which the party intends to hunt.  Only club members are permitted use of the club website.  A club member may NOT post/schedule any hunt more than 10 days in advance.  A club member may not post/schedule a hunt in the same location on two consecutive hunting days until it has been confirmed that no other member(s) intends to hunt in the same location.

11. All members hunting or scouting on the Vincent Farm must check in at the clubhouse before entering the property.

12.  All members of the Quack and Quail Duck Hunting Club must report their sightings and their harvest after each and every hunt. This is set forth to establish a record of waterfowl utilizing our property so we can manage our properties and foster a progressive waterfowl plan ensuring optimal use by the ducks and geese on our properties.

13.  All members are required to attend 3 out of 5 scheduled work days. These days are set aside to establish blinds, food plots, post property borders, install wood duck boxes etc.  Those failing to make the required 3 work days will be assessed a $50.00 fine for each work day missed.

14.  All members are required to alert the appropriate authorities and the club manager if they experience anyone trespassing and/or violating any state and federal laws and/or acting in an unlawful manner on any of the club properties.  For example – the taking or shooting of waterfowl AFTER the end of legal shooting time.

15.  All members are required to patrol and/or police the club properties and pick up any trash they encounter.  Please treat the club properties as if they were your personal property, and make all efforts to leave the properties in a condition better than or equal to that of which you found it.

16.General safety rules are as follows:

  • Hunters under the age of 16 must be under the direct supervision of a properly licensed adult, as specified by state regulations.
  • No loaded firearms will be permitted in or on any vehicle.
  • All hunting is to be conducted in accordance with Federal and NC Wildlife Resources Commission Laws and Regulations.

17. Members of the Quack and Quail Club may have guests accompany them on club property subject to the following conditions:

  • Each club member is allowed one (1) guest per year at no additional cost.
  • There is no charge for immediate family members (spouses and children under 18).  
  • If a member elects to bring more than the one (1) allowed guest per year, a fee of $75 per guest will be assessed.  All guest fees must be paid in full before the hunt can start.
  • A guest may accompany a paying member for a maximum of two (2) times total.  This means a non-member can hunt the properties of the Quack and Quail Club two times during the hunting season, no matter whom he/she is a guest of.
  • Members are responsible for their guests, including immediate family members.  Guests and immediate family members must hunt in the same location and area as the member they are accompanying; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All individuals, including guests, must follow the rules set forth in this document.

18. The Clubhouse is a shared facility with the deer club, and may be utilized by members of the Quack and Quail Club subject to the following conditions:

  • Use of the clubhouse is on a first come, first served basis.  A one-time fee of $100 will be assessed per member for overnight stay (due at the first night’s stay) or a fee of $35 per night.
  • Members utilizing clubhouse facilities are expected to cleanup after themselves.  Trash should not pile up for an extended period of time and should be taken to the nearest drop location on a weekly basis, at a minimum.
  • No shoes/boots are to be worn in the clubhouses; they are to be removed at the door.  While at the clubhouse, members will park in an orderly fashion.  Please do not block the known thoroughfare around the house.  Please do not park in such a manner that prohibits normal ingress and egress to the property. There will be no parking or driving around the back of the house do to the septic tank and leech field being in back of the house. If you drive around the back of the house and cause any damage to the septic system or leech field you will be held responsible for any damage you create
  • Any member or guest of a member that damages clubhouse facilities will be financially responsible for any and all repairs.
  • Members under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay overnight in the clubhouse without being under the direct supervision of an adult member.
  • No Smoking in the clubhouse.  There will be no smoking while going to or from the stand as well as in any stands on the farms.  If you smoke, you will do so outside the clubhouse only.  In addition, members and guests should use discretion while chewing tobacco, and are responsible for properly discarding their “spit cans”.
  • No fighting in the clubhouse or on the club properties.  Anyone caught fighting will be expelled from the club and dues will not be refunded.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is NOT permitted in the clubhouse.  No hard liquor is allowed on club property.  Please note that at no time may an individual be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol while hunting or fishing on club property.  The latter are grounds for immediate termination of membership, as firearms and alcohol/drugs do not mix.
  • No loaded firearms are permitted in the clubhouse – PERIOD.  Under no circumstance shall a member load a firearm while in the clubhouse.
  • Guests are not permitted to stay overnight in the clubhouse without being under the direct supervision of a member.

19.Membership to the Quack and Quail Club is granted to those paying the membership dues in accordance with the following:

Club dues are to be paid by March 31st of each year.  Dues are established annually.
Make checks payable to Hunting Clubs LLC and remit to the following address:

      Attn:  Greg Quiel
      Hunting Clubs LLC
      244 Goldfield Dr.
      Garner, NC 27529

  • Dues go to the lease of the club lands.
  • All fees and fines will go into an account for the club to use.
  • Once paid, all dues are non-refundable – so ask all questions before you join!  Also dues are not prorated so if you join late in the season and miss turkey season you membership still runs from March 31st till March 31st with no exceptions.
  • Rules are subject to amendment during the year, but must be approved by a majority of the club members.

 After reviewing the rules and regulations described herein, you must sign and date this document, initial each page and return it with your club dues.  By signing this document, you are indicating that you have read and understand everything contained within this document, and that you and anyone accompanying you on club properties, agrees to abide and uphold the rules and regulations as described herein.